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Domestic Tour Packages

Manali by Volvo Tour Pack

Manali Tour package, you will surly marvel at its extra-ordinary scenic beauty and flower blooming valley. Snow-covered Himalayan mountain peaks provide a great treat to your eyes. If you are here with your beloved surly your beloved will be proud of you. Manali is surrounded by fruit orchards, deodar and pine forests, hot water springs, mineral springs, splendid mountains, caves and temples.The mighty Beas hurtles through the town, carving a deep gorge in its wake.



Green Kerala Tour package

Kerala is a beautiful state of India offering wide ranges of tourism options blessed with superb nature beauty. Beautiful sun kissed beaches dotted with palm coconut trees, scenic backwaters, verdant hill stations, wealth of flora and fauna, plantations, etc are prime attractions of Kerala – God’s Own Country. One of the prime attractions of Kerala is its breathtaking backwaters providing opportunity to see several facets of the state. For an unforgettable backwater Kerala tour experience in God’s Own Country, you must spend 2 or 3 days at luxurious houseboat cruise over the tranquil waters of the beautiful backwaters. While you will be on your houseboat tours you will have a wonderful opportunity to observe a perfect blend of tradition with modern day luxury. Surly it will be a delightful and unforgettable experience in the state.

A Kerala houseboat tour takes you to the unique world of serenity, water and wonderment. Sail over the serene water of scenic backwaters and enjoy the mystic and nature abundant sights. Nature has blessed backwaters of the state beautifully as if it had poured all its beauty on the backwaters of the state. Travelers from all around the world make a visit to Kerala and explore its breathtakingly beautiful backwaters and of course never forget to praise them. The only and the most popular ways to explore breathtaking backwaters of the state is houseboat. Without houseboat on cannot observe the real charm and beauty of the backwaters. A houseboat cruise takes you on a memorable trip on board houseboats, traditionally called “Kettuvalloms”. It offers a serene and delightful ambiance for memorable holiday in India.

Magical Andaman Tour

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were shrouded in mystery for centuries because of their inaccessibility. These are the paragon of beauty and present a landscape full with scenic and picturesque extravaganza. They are a total of 572 islands, islets and rocks lying in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal. The clean environment, roads, greenery as well as unpolluted fresh air attract all nature lovers. Adventure tourism like trekking, Island camping, snorkeling, SCUBA diving etc. and other water sports are the real attractions. A marvelous mix of nature's most precious delights, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

Taj with Tiger

Beauty and the beast a four star story and TV series read and watched by every child many times. But have you wonder how about giving this story a reality check. Yes Taj Mahal tour with Ranthambore and Jaipur is a complete packageto enjoy and have fun with your parents, friends and children. This five nights and six days tour cover Agra sightseeing, Jaipur sightseeing and jungle safari at Ranthambore.

Ranthambore Monsoon Break

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is spread over 392 sq km and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the state where wildlife, history and nature come together. At the center of the park is the 10th-century Ranthambore Fort and scattered nearby are ancient temples and mosques, crocodile-filled lakes and chhatris (cenotaphs). The ruins of past give Ranthambore a unique and refreshing appeal.


Panoramic Ladakh

Ladakh is a region renowned for its remote mountain beauty ,culture and snow clad mountains.. It is the highest plateau of Jammu and Kashmir State, India and among the highest of the world's inhabited plateaus. It is also high altitude desert as monsoon clouds are prohibited from entering the region due rain shadow created by the Himalayas. Therefore it receives very less rainfall of around 50 mm annually. Ladakh, is also known by land of many passes. Due to its exquisite landscape and its culture it is also known by 'Moon Land', 'Magic Land', and 'Mysterious Land' . Region is bound by the Karakoram in the north , the Himalayas in the south and upper Indus valley. . Ladakh region is divided in Kargil and Leh districts. Kargil lies at an altitude of 2750m and Leh at 3505m. Leh is the largest town and main tourist town of Ladakh region. It has a wide temperature for the year,the summer temperatures exceed up to 35 ° C, while in winter they may drop to -40 ° C in some high altitude areas. Rainfall is very less due to the geographical location of Ladakh. The rainfall is around 50 mm annually.


Magical Ladakh

Leh Ladakh Road Trip is rated as one of the Top 5 Road Trips on Earth ! This ultimate road trip on earth definitely needs an ultimate check list, so that you can make the most out of your trip. After all, Leh Ladakh Road trip is not any Himalayan weekend getaway that a lot of North Indians are used to. 

International Tour Packages

Best of Malaysia

Malasia is one of Southeast Asia’s top travel destinations, possessing an endless range of attractions and activities that cater for the cosmopolitan shoppers, cultural enthusiast, historical buff and nature-lover. It is a very vibrant country to visit. Apart from being a wealthy nation, it has people from different religions and cultures co-existing as one on this beautiful land. Malaysia is an often overlooked country. Situated between Thailand and Indonesia, it is sometimes forgotten by tourists, other than those making a quick stop in capital city Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia attracts a wide range of sports enthusiasts from around the world. It has world-class climbing crags and turquoise waters, and the sports scene includes both leisurely activities like snorkeling and golf plus extreme sports like BASE jumping. Malaysian Borneo is an untamed paradise, one of the few places in the world where visitors can still see orangutans living in the wild.


As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hongkong is situated on the southeast coast of China, occupying an area of 426 square miles (1,104 square kilometers). The city is one of the world's leading financial, banking and trading centers. It is made up of four parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. The prosperous island is the center of economy, politics, entertainment and shopping with its southern part noted for sea shores and bays. Kowloon is another flourishing part where Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok are the most popular destinations. The New Territories and Outlying Islands are ideal places to experience a peaceful and natural holiday. The city has a population of about 6,970,000 and most people (about 97% of the population) are Chinese and speak Cantonese and English. There are few language barriers. The most common religions are Buddhism and Christianity.


Dubai is the most populous town and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, and the second largest emirate by territorial size after the capital, Abu Dhabi. Dubai is located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in the south west corner of the Arabian Gulf. It is extremely well known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage, and the Emirati people are welcoming and generous in their approach to visitors. With year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community, Dubai receives millions of leisure and business visitors each year from around the world. The local currency is the dirham, which is pegged at AED 3.67 to 1 US dollar. Dubai is tolerant and cosmopolitan and all visitors are welcome. However, Islam is a way of life in the city, and therefore tourists should adopt a certain level of cultural and religious sensitivity for the duration of their stay.

Atlantis, The Palm is a UAE hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah. It was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantis but includes distinct Arabian elements. The 1,500 room nautically themed resort has two accommodation wings, also referred to as the Royal Towers, consisting of the East and the West Tower, both linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. It is complemented by the Aquaventure water park and the locally popular Nasimi Beach which frequently plays host to concerts and other events.

Thease rates are not valid for fastival dates 


Baliis a land that seems to have a magnet at its very heart. It is a feeling that is difficult to understand unless experienced but once visited you are surely compelled to come back and you may even want to stay forever, such is its pull. Maybe its Bali’s beauty, maybe the friendly people, or maybe even the influence from spirits that certainly abide in this place. Bali goes under many names. Some call it the ‘island of the gods’, others Shangri-La. The ‘last paradise’, the ‘dawning of the world’ and the ‘centre of the universe’ are yet more names for this truly beautiful tropical island inhabited by a remarkably artistic people who have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies. Like many islands, Bali has developed a world of its own. It not only captures what is special about Indonesia but also has a uniqueness of its own.


Singapore is an economic giant. It has been Southeast Asia's most modern city for over a century. The city blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. Its unique ethnic tapestry affords visitors a wide array of sightseeing and culinary opportunities from which to choose. A full calendar of traditional festivals and holidays celebrated throughout the year adds to its cultural appeal. In addition, Singapore offers luxury hotels, delectable cuisine and great shopping! The island nation of the Republic of Singapore lies one degree north of the Equator in Southern Asia. The country includes the island of Singapore and 58 or so smaller islands. Because of its efficient and determined government, Singapore has become a flourishing country that excels in trade and tourism and is a model to developing nations. The capital city, also called Singapore, covers about a third of the area of the main island.                                                 


Bangkok- One of the most visited cities in Asia, Bangkok shines bright with mammoth Buddhist temples and massive mansions. The amusement parks, the zoos and the canal tours are just a few tourist attractions that make for a fascinating Bangkok Tour. The Meditation centers and the festivals celebrated with great pomp and show depict the culture and ethnicity. With 50,000 places to eat from, Bangkok is an enthralling and charming city.


Pattaya:- Pattaya is a seaside resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, about 150 km southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is mostly famous for its go-go and beer bars, but local authorities have made some efforts to provide more family-friendly attractions and activities. Pattaya occupies most of the coastline of Bang Lamung District (one of the eleven districts that comprise Chonburi Province). This article only deals with Pattaya proper, which spans the areas to the east of Naklua Beach and Pattaya Beach.


Phuket:- Phuket is an island paradise in southern Thailand only a short Challenge from Asian capital cities: Bangkok (1 hour), Singapore (1.5 hours) and Hong Kong (3.5 hours). Phuket is renowned for its miles of sandy white beaches, the azure waters of the Andaman Sea and warm Thai hospitality. Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than its natural heritage, sea, sand, sky, beach, forest, and world-renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travellers to the city, while Phuket-style hospitality has never failed to impress visitors from all walks of life. For seafood lovers, there is much more to sample than just Phuket’s famous lobster.


KATHMANDU- The City Stands At An Elevation Of Approximately 1,310 Meters (4,600 Ft) In The Bowl-Shaped Valley In Central Nepal Surrounded By Four Major Hills: Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Nagarjun And Chandragiri. Kathmandu Valley Is Part Of Three Districts, Kathmandu District, Lalitpur District And Bhaktapur District, With The Highest Population Density In The Country And Accounting For About 1/15 Of Its Population.

NAGARKOT - Nagarkot, located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu, is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view of the Himalaya when the weather is clear. Visitors often travel to Nagarkot from Kathmandu to spend the night so that they can be there for the breathtaking sunrise.